Review: Blumers Root Beer

Produced by a brewery with origins dating back to 1845, the Blumers line of sodas currently features 5 flavors, including Blumers Root Beer. Produced by Minhas Craft Brewery of Monroe, WI, trademark searches indicate that craft sodas have complimented beer production since 1996.

Blumers Root Beer

Blumers Root Beer

Packaged in brown glass bottles, Bloomers Root Beer oddly contains only 11.16 oz of product (vs. the traditional 12 oz). This is probably a bottle size already used with their other craft beers, as there is an embossed “M” found in the glass, representing the brewery. A retro-styled label adorns the front, complete with a unique “cut out” pattern on the top and bottom. It’s noted that this drink is “created for kids of all ages in Monroe, Wisconsin” — and that phrase is actually trademarked. This is odd, because the grammar seems wrong. Why is this drink just for kids in Monroe? (Let’s try “Created in Monroe, Wisconsin for kids of all ages in Monroe, Wisconsin” next time!). The neck banding proclaims that this root beer is “Made with Real Cane Sugar,” which is always a good thing.

Upon opening the bottle, there is a natural root beer sent, but also something very creamy. Light brown in color, much like most root beers, the carbonation is just about right. Not too strong, not too weak. This drink sits on the smooth/sweet side of root beers, rather than bitter/biting. It starts out like traditional root beers in the genre, but quickly shifts into a vanilla/caramel flavor that accounts for the creamy aspect of this drink. That added flavor lingers through to the aftertaste and just lasts. Typically, cane sugar-sweetened beverages have pretty clean aftertastes. Not so the case with Blumers Root Beer. The vanilla/caramel flavor stays with you, in many ways overpowering the core root beer flavor.

If you are looking for a VERY creamy, VERY sweet finish to your root beer, then Blumers Root Beer is right up your alley. If you prefer a sharper aftertaste with less vanilla influence, keep looking.

Blumers Root Beer
Carbonated water, sugar, natural and artificial flavors, caramel color, phosphoric acid, sodium benzoate and potassium sorbate (to preserve freshness)

A 11.16 oz bottle contains 177 calories, 13.7 mg sodium, and 43.1 g carbs (40.6 g sugars). Certified Kosher.