On the Shelf: Pepsi Next in “Swirl” Bottle

Update 7/1/13: PepsiCo recently noted that they are removing the aspartame sweetener from Pepsi Next; we should be seeing this change in newer labels as they are rolled out.

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Pepsi Next in "Swirl" Bottle

Pepsi Next in “Swirl” Bottle

As Pepsi shared earlier this year, they are redesigning their Pepsi-branded bottles in 16 and 20 oz sizes. I found one of these new bottles — Pepsi Next — at a convenience store here in Chicago.

As you can see, the bottle portion of the bottle has a twisting, spiral design, while a small banded label sits about it. In many ways, it’s an further iteration of Pepsi’s “Sidekick” bottle, which they tested with Mountain Dew back in 2011. It also is very similar to Dr Pepper Snapple Group’s “Legacy” bottle design.

In comparison, here is what a bottle of Pepsi Next used to look like:

Previous bottle design for Pepsi Next

Previous bottle design for Pepsi Next

For those interested, here’s Pepsi’s press release about the new bottle design, full of amazing buzzwords and fluff. Yes, it actually says that the “etched, grip-able bottom allows consumers to have a more stimulating, tactile interaction with the bottle itself.”

When was the last time you drank a 20 oz bottle holding it from the bottom?

Pepsi Launches First New Bottle In 16 Years

New Bottle Marks Next Step in the Pepsi Live for Now Marketing Campaign

PURCHASE, N.Y., March 23, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Pepsi has unveiled a new single-serve bottle for its Pepsi trademark portfolio including Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Pepsi MAX and Pepsi NEXT, marking its first design update since 1996.  A visual expression of the brand’s Excitement of Now positioning, the bottle is rolling out in markets nationwide starting in April in 16-ounce and 20-ounce packaging, with full conversion taking a few years.

“This new bottle is the next milestone in Pepsi’s Live For Now marketing campaign,” said Angelique Krembs, Vice President TM Pepsi Marketing. “Our single serve bottle is the most visible and tangible connection point we have with our consumers, and we love how the new bottle expresses our brand DNA.”

Pepsi in "Swirl" Bottle

Pepsi in “Swirl” Bottle
(Source: PepsiCo)

The new bottle’s bold swirl and elevated profile reflect the brand’s attributes and youthful spirit, capturing the excitement of now for Pepsi consumers. The etched, grip-able bottom allows consumers to have a more stimulating, tactile interaction with the bottle itself.  A new, 12-ounce glass bottle will also be offered as a premium package in select stores.  The new bottle is the first iteration of the redesign of the full portfolio currently underway under the stewardship of PepsiCo’s Chief Design Officer Mauro Porcini, with additional elements to be rolled out throughout the year.