Can Holiday: International Museum Day – May 18


International Museum Day (IMD) began in 1977 by the International Council of Museums (ICOM). Last year 30,000 museums in 129 countries participated in this celebration. Each year a theme is selected and the theme for 2013 is Museums (memory + creativity = social change).

How to Celebrate

Today is a good day to visit a museum. There are thousands of museums around the world that focus on everything you can imagine.  For example, The Museum of Natural History in New York to the Torture Museum in Amsterdam. Who knows, perhaps you would be interested in visiting the Can Museum.

The Can

1995 Pepsi Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Can

1995 Pepsi Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Can

To celebrate this day, we selected the 1995 Pepsi Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Can. On the can is the head of what looks like a Gibson guitar shaded in red with “Pepsi” written on it instead of “Gibson”.

Pepsi Guitar vs. Gibson Guitar

Pepsi Guitar vs. Gibson Guitar

It is on a light blue background that contains keywords from rock like “Leather Jackets”, “Beehive”, “Sock Hop”, and “Poodle Skirt”. I suppose it was more of a 1950′s themed can. The guitar covers most of the words, so you can’t see them all, but they do wrap around the entire can. I also wonder if the light blue color caused any confusion in 1995 with consumers thinking this was a Diet Pepsi can. Above the can in red letters it says, “Celebrating the grand opening of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame + Museum 1995″.

Happy International Museum Day (5/18)!

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