On the Shelf: Coca-Cola “Fill. Chill. Thrill.” 16 oz Cans

On the Shelf features unique beverage products that have be spotted and shared by BevReview readers.

Coca-Cola "Fill. Chill. Thrill." 16 oz Cans

Coca-Cola “Fill. Chill. Thrill.” 16 oz Cans
(Photo by Jason Steele. Used by Permission.)

BevReview contributor Jason Steele spotted Coke’s new 16 oz cans at a 7-Eleven in Chicago. These cans feature thermochromic ink that allow for the ice cube graphics to change color based on temperature. They are silver when room temperature, light blue when cold. You may recall that Pepsi offered something similar last summer with their Mountain Dew/The Dark Knight Rises 16 oz cans.