Can Holiday: Hamburger Day – May 28


Unknown. The term “Hamburger” originated from Hamburg, Germany. The original Hamburger food was made in the United States, however there are many claims as to who created the first hamburger. The Library of Congress credits Louis Lassen of New Haven, Connecticut, as inventing the hamburger in his small lunch wagon called Louis’ Lunch in 1900.

How to Celebrate

How else can you celebrate Hamburger Day than to eat a hamburger? If you are a vegetarian or vegan, you can substitute a veggie burger or Boca burger, but it just isn’t the same thing. So, this holiday is more for all the carnivores of the world. Let’s grill our cow carcasses and pile them high with pickles, onions, peppers, ketchup, mustard, and anything else you can think of… put it all between two buns and chow down.

The Can

1939 Burgermeister Beer Can

1939 Burgermeister Beer Can

To celebrate this day, we selected a very old can, the 1939 Burgermeister Beer Can. On it is a man who I will dub as “Mr. Burgermeister”, holding a beer mug high in the air. This can also has opening instructions printed on the back. This is a flat top can, like a soup can and required a special can opener commonly referred to as a “churchkey” or “church key”. In Germany, “Burgermeister” means the master of citizens, the executive council in a German town, a mayor. Burgermeister Meisterburger was a toy-hating grouch mayor of Sombertown in the Rankin/Bass stop motion animated classic, Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town.

Happy Hamburger Day (5/28)!

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