Coming Soon: Arizona Soda Shaq Cream Soda

Update 6/26/13: Read our full reviews of all 4 Soda Shaq flavors.

Update 6/7/13: Per an additional press release from the can manufacturer of these new products (Rexam), “Soda Shaq contains real vanilla from Madagascar, is sweetened with pure cane sugar and has just 90 calories per serving.” Here’s an updated image of the product:

"A Big Can for the Big Man"

“A Big Can for the Big Man”
(Source: Arizona Beverages & Rexam)

Original Story 5/28/13: Coming off the launch of their expanded Lime Rickey line, Arizona and Shaquille O’Neal have used the power of social media to announce a new drink collaboration: Soda Shaq Cream Soda (hey, at least it wasn’t another golfer!)

Arizona Soda Shaq Cream Soda

Arizona Soda Shaq Cream Soda
(Source: @Shaq on Twitter)

As a Chicagoan who still holds the Michael Jordan-era in high esteem, I’ll refrain from making any basketball-related comments about Shaq. (OK, maybe just one comment: “Soda is perfect for Shaq. He never dribbles!”)  That said, boy does he look goofy on these cans!

Shaq makes soda?

Shaq makes soda?
(Source: @DrinkArizona on Twitter)

Per the images shared via Twitter, there will be 4 flavors initially available:

  • Blueberry Cream Soda
  • Orange Cream Soda
  • Strawberry Cream Soda
  • Vanilla Cream Soda

The product is packaged in Arizona’s iconic 23.5 oz cans and is labeled as “All Natural.” BevNet is reporting that they will have 90 calories per serving.  Arizona’s press release notes that it will be sweetened with pure cane sugar.

For those interested, here’s the press release:

AriZona Beverages & Shaquille O’Neal Team Up For Cream Soda Line

WOODBURY, N.Y., June 3, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — AriZona Beverages and Shaquille O’Neal are entering new territory with an all-natural line of cream sodas.  On Tuesday, the partnership was announced via social media on Twitter and Facebook, by Shaquille O’Neal (@SHAQ) and AriZona Beverages (@DrinkAriZona) to their combined audiences totaling almost 14 million followers.  As the photos of Shaq and the new can design were shared and retweeted using #SodaShaq, fans created a social media frenzy that was quickly picked up by the media.

AriZona Beverages is known for its big cans and big value, so a partnership with the 7’1″ big man was a no brainer. The iconic basketball player, whose number 34 was recently retired by the Los Angeles Lakers, is the latest sports legend to join team AriZona. “We are thrilled to partner with Shaq,” said Chairman, Don Vultaggio. “He is the perfect addition to the AriZona family. This is a great way to introduce a new generation to an all-natural soda shop classic made with real Vanilla from Madagascar. Soda Shaq tastes like the cream sodas that I remember as a kid in Brooklyn. We think ours is the best tasting on the market.”

Shaquille O’Neal remarked, “My family and I are huge fans of AriZona and we always have it in our refrigerator.  One of my favorite drinks growing up in Newark as a kid was cream soda; together we made an all star lineup that I’m looking forward to sharing with my fans.”

The Soda Shaq Cream Soda line comes in four delicious flavors including Vanilla, Blueberry, Strawberry and Orange. Soda Shaq contains no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives. Made with real Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla extract and pure cane sugar at only 90 calories per serving, Soda Shaq is putting up some serious defense against competitors.  Fans can satisfy their soda craving without the guilt from the very first clean and refreshing sip.

Consumers will easily be able to identify their favorite Soda Shaq on shelves by the four vibrant colors used to match the delicious flavor inside. Representing the many moods of the basketball giant in true Shaq-a-licious form, the design is big and bold, just like Shaq.  With a total of eight Shaq expressions being featured, ranging from professional to playful, a true fan will want to collect them all.

The Soda Shaq line is available in 23.5-ounce cans. The suggested retail is $0.99 per can.