Can Holiday: Oak Apple Day – May 29


Oak Apple Day began on May 29, 1660 when it was declared a public holiday by Parliament in England. This holiday was abolished in 1859 but remains celebrated by some for historical purposes. This day was also known as Royal Oak Day, Shick Shack Day, and Oak & Nettle Day. This holiday references the Battle of Worcester in September 1651. In this battle, the future Charles II of England hid in an oak tree to escape from the Roundhead army.

How to Celebrate

Celebration of Oak Apple Day consists of wearing oak apples (also known as a shick-shack) or sprigs of oak leaves. Traditionally, anyone who didn’t wear a sprig of oak was pelted with bird’s eggs or nettles. Also, on this day there may be a re-enactment of activities in 1651.

The Cans

1999 Mirinda Orange Professor Oak Can from Mexico

1999 Mirinda Orange Professor Oak Can from Mexico

To celebrate this day, we selected two cans. The first is the 1999 Professor OAK Mirinda Orange soda can from Mexico. This is can 4 of 7 in the Pokemon set.

1999 Hall & Woodhouse D'oh! Bad Apple Crush Can from Great Britain

1999 Hall & Woodhouse D’oh! Bad Apple Crush Can from Great Britain

The second can is the 1999 Hall & Woodhouse D’oh! Bad APPLE Crush from Great Britain, featuring Homer Simpson of The Simpsons. This is part of the Hall & Woodhouse The Simpsons can set. On it Homer is running away from a large green apple. On the other side of the can, we see that he isn’t very successful in getting away from it. It reads, “Krusty PLC Rotten To The Core. Radioactive Mutant Apple Does Not Exist… A Spokesman For Mr. Burns Stated Today. Krusty PLC The one bad apple in the batch.”

Happy Oak Apple Day (5/29)!

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