Can Holiday: World No Tobacco Day – May 31


Unknown. The purpose is to bring awareness to the risks involved with smoking and chewing tobacco.

How to Celebrate

You can celebrate World No Tobacco Day by refraining from smoking or chewing tobacco. If you already do not use tobacco, then it will be absolutely no effort for you to celebrate this day.

The Can

2008 Mr. Martin's Liquid Smoking Can

2008 Mr. Martin’s Liquid Smoking Can

To celebrate this day, we selected the 2008 Mr. Martin’s Liquid Smoking Can. This can is designed to look like a pack of cigarettes. It reads, “The Smoking Alternative. No warning needed.” What does Liquid Smoking taste like? Herbal lemonade. It is a relaxation drink, like Marley’s Mellow Mood, the opposite of an energy drink.

“Initially it gives a mild stimulating effect just like the relaxed feeling after smoking your cigarette followed by a euphoric sense of calming and relaxation.”

Happy World No Tobacco Day (5/31)!

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