On the Shelf: Wild Cherry Pepsi, Orange Crush, & Mug Root Beer 32 Can “Combo Pack”

On the Shelf features unique beverage products that have be spotted and shared by BevReview readers.

Wild Cherry Pepsi/Orange Crush/Mug Root Beer 32 can "Combo Pack"

Wild Cherry Pepsi/Orange Crush/Mug Root Beer 32 can “Combo Pack”
(Photo by Bob Manning. Used by Permission.)

Pepsi continues to mix things up with unique “Combo Packs” of assorted beverages. We previously looked at their 30 can Pepsi/Dew “Party Pack”, 28 can Pepsi/Dew “Combo Pack”, and even 15 bottle Pepsi/Dew “Combo Pack”.

Flavor enters the mix with this 32 can “Combo Pack”, spotted in the Detroit area at Walmart and Sams Club by BevReview reader Bob Manning. It contains 12 cans of Pepsi Wild Cherry, 12 cans of Crush Orange, and 8 cans of Mug Root Beer. Curiously, of the three products, Crush isn’t actually a Pepsi product, but the company entered into a distribution agreement with Dr Pepper Snapple Group back in 2008 for the flavor — this was after the failure of Pepsi’s own Tropicana Twister Soda Orange.