Can Holiday: Flip a Coin Day – June 1


Unknown. The process of flipping a coin produces a 1 in 2 chance that it lands on “heads” or “tails”. Traditionally, “heads” is considered the favorable result. This method for making decisions dates back to Romans (27 BC – 1453 AD).

How to Celebrate

You can celebrate Flip a Coin Day by making all of your decisions based on a coin flip. Here are a few decisions you may need to make during your day:

  • Should I eat Fruity Pebbles (heads) or Cocoa Pebbles (tails) for breakfast?
  • Should I go to work today (heads) or stay home (tails)?
  • Should I drink Pepsi (heads) or Coke (tails)?

There are also some businesses having fun with this day. For example, the American Clock & Watch Museum in Bristol, CT posted the following:

“It’s National Flip-A-Coin Day. Receive free admission to the museum if you correctly guess heads or tails when ACWM staff flip a coin. Guess wrong… You pay the regular admission price ($6 adults, $5 seniors, $3 children 8-17). Good luck!”

The Can

1987 Fanta Orange Soda Can from Germany

1987 Fanta Orange Soda Can from Germany

To celebrate this day, we selected the 1987 Fanta Orange Soda Can from Germany, featuring Scrooge McDuck with coins falling (and flipping) in the air. He also has stars around his head as if he just was hit with something… perhaps a bag of money?

Happy Flip a Coin Day (6/1)!

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