Can Holiday: National Bubba Day – June 2



How to Celebrate

You can call yourself or a friend “Bubba” for the day. This might work especially well if one of you is named “Forrest”.  Did you know that President Bill Clinton’s folksy manner earned him the nickname “Bubba”? NFL and Police Academy (Moses Hightower) made Bubba Smith famous.  There is also a golfer named Bubba Watson.  So, I suppose today you could also go golfing, watch Police Academy & Forrest Gump, and crack open a can of Clinton Cola or a can of what we are featuring below.

The Can

2011 Bubba Cola Can

2011 Bubba Cola Can

To celebrate this day, we selected the 2011 Bubba Cola Can.  Nothing outstanding about this can other than being a great candidate for National Bubba Day with “BUBBA” in giant bold letters proudly displayed on the front of the can.

Happy National Bubba Day (6/2)!

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