Can Holiday: Name Your Poison Day – June 8



How to Celebrate

Name Your Poison Day is celebrated by making a decision about something.

The Can

1980 Diet Pepsi Can

1980 Diet Pepsi Can

To celebrate this day, we selected the 1980 Diet Pepsi Can. Other than the retro design with red white and blue waves at the bottom, this can has a serious warning in the middle of its front side that states, “USE OF THIS PRODUCT MAY BE HAZARDOUS TO YOUR HEALTH. THIS PRODUCT CONTAINS SACCHARIN WHICH HAS BEEN DETERMINED TO CAUSE CANCER IN LABORATORY ANIMALS.”

Here’s a little timeline for you about Saccharin:

  • 1938 – U. S. Congress creates the Food, Drugs, and Cosmetic Act giving authority to the U. S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to oversee the safety of food.
  • 1958 – U. S. Congress amends this act with the Delaney clause to mandate that the FDA does not approve substances that “induce cancer in man, or, after tests [are] found to induce cancer in animals.”
  • 1970s – Studies of lab rats link bladder cancer to saccharin resulting in all food containing saccharin requiring a warning label.
  • 2000 – Scientists discover that bladders of rodents really are different than human bladders from a chemical reaction standpoint. Upon further testing it was determined that Saccharin was safe for human consumption and all warning labels are removed.
  • 2010 – The EPA concedes that saccharin is no longer considered a potential hazard to human health and removes it from their list of hazardous constituent and commercial chemical products.

Happy Name Your Poison Day (6/8)!

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