Can Holiday: Corn on the Cob Day – June 11


Unknown. Plainview, MN, celebrates “Corn on the Cob Days” annually during the third full weekend in August. It evolved from their “Golden Harvest Days” festival, originally called “Fall Festival”.

How to Celebrate

You can celebrate a Corn on the Cob Day by participating in Plainview’s or neighboring Minneapolis town’s celebrations. Plainview holds theirs in August, so you have time to plan a belated celebration. Today, however, enjoy some corn on the cob… Mmmmm! My favorite part is eating it like a typewriter like in this classic Mickey Mouse cartoon, Mickey’s Trailer from 1938. What? You didn’t know typewriters could eat? Oh, you don’t know what a typewriter is?

The Can

1992 Quatro Corn Pottage Soup Can from Japan

1992 Quatro Corn Pottage Soup Can from Japan

To celebrate this day, we selected the 1992 Quatro Corn Pottage Soup Can from Japan. It is soup in a pull top beverage can. On the yellow can is a picture of the soup in a white handled bowl with a corn on the cob hovering over the right side of it. On the can are the words, “CORN POTTAGE SOUP. QUATRO soup is made from specially selected materials for a rich and smooth taste that can be enjoyed anywhere, anytime.” On the back of the can, we see that Quatro is a brand of The Coca-Cola Company.

Happy Corn on the Cob Day (6/11)!

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