News: Pepsi surveying ‘Summer Flavor’ ideas

Recently, many BevReview readers have alerted us to an opinion-gathering exercise Pepsi has been conducting using an online consumer survey platform. The soft drink giant seems to be exploring a future summer promotion, involving the limited edition release of various flavors.

Will we see the return of 1991's Pepsi Wild Bunch Flavor Collection?

Will we see the return of 1991′s Pepsi Wild Bunch Flavor Collection?

Each of the six options proposed revolves around a summer flavor theme, featuring 3 flavors a piece. For example, the “Pepsi Throwback Wild Bunch” collection would bring back the 3 limited flavors Pepsi featured in 1991: Strawberry Burst, Tropical Chill, and Raging Razzberry.

A derivative is the “Summer Blast” option, with 3 fruit-inspired flavors including Citrus Kick, Tropical Explosion, and Strawberry Burst.

Angling the flavors more towards the tropical palette is the “Summer Escapes” collection, featuring Strawberry Splash, Paradise Mango (which already has been a Pepsi Next flavor), and Tropical Citrus.

Another option involves a musical theme, “Sound of Summer,” with drink flavors tied to different music genres: Cherry Vanilla (previously released as both a Pepsi and Pepsi Next flavor), Lemon Pop, and Country Strawberry.

If cocktails are your thing, the “Summer POP-tails” option promises 3 non-alcoholic options: Mojito (something Jones Soda has toyed with), Strawberry Margarita, and Limoncello.

Finally, a retro diner theme is emphasized with the “Fountain Floats” option, showcasing Cherry Vanilla, Strawberries & Cream (remember the long-lost Dr Pepper flavor and the Diet Pepsi Jazz version?), and Mug Root Beer Float.

While Mountain Dew has had many summer-exclusive flavors (the most recent being last summer’s Mtn Dew Dark Berry that tied into The Dark Knight Rises), Pepsi has been more reserved. The last summer-specific flavor for the brand was 2007′s Pepsi Summer Mix. Thus it’s very interesting that the company is gauging marketing opinion for various Pepsi-branded beverage collections. At this time, we are unaware of exact timeframes for drinks released as part of this project.