Can Holiday: American Eagle Day – June 20


American Eagle Day began via a resolution approved by both houses of U.S. Congress for the first time in 2007 to honor the national symbol of the United States.

How to Celebrate

To celebrate American Eagle Day, the American Eagle Foundation asks that we:

  • Tell the story of how our National Symbol came to be
  • Remember how we almost lost our living symbol, the Bald Eagle, in the wild to extinction, and how our nation rallied together to save and protect it.
  • Educate about the need to restore and protect eagles and all endangered species.
  • Observe the principles upon which our country’s independence and freedoms were founded.
  • Organize activities that renew the American spirit by promoting pride and patriotism.
  • Challenge citizens to strive toward quality and excellence in all that they do—acting like symbolic American Eagles.
  • Recognize people in communities across the nation who have made significant “beyond the call of duty” contributions to helping or improving the lives of others — American Eagle Heroes (give special “American Eagle Awards”).

The Can

1984 Coca-Cola Sam the Eagle Baseball Can

1984 Coca-Cola Sam the Eagle Baseball Can

To celebrate this day, we selected the 1984 Coca-Cola Sam the Eagle Baseball Can (#22 of 23) from the 1984 Summer Olympic Set. The 1984 Summer Games were held in Los Angeles, United States, and Sam the Eagle was the mascot.  On this can are the words, “Baseball has been a demonstration sport in six previous games, and will again be featured in 1984 where a full tournament will be played for the first time. Special medals will be awarded at the Los Angeles games and competition is expected to be intense. Six countries will reach the finals after a round-robin.”

The games were played at Dodger Stadium with Japan beating the United States 6 to 3.  After the can was produced, baseball at the Olympics was once again considered a demonstration sport and no medals were awarded in Los Angeles. Baseball was removed from the Olympics after 2008 in Beijing.  Recently, baseball survived the first round of voting to come back to the games in 2020.

Happy American Eagle Day (6/20)!

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