Can Holiday: Flip-Flop Day – June 21


Flip-Flop Day celebrates the free feeling you get from wearing flip-flops. Flip-flops are footwear that consists of a flat piece of thick rubbery material with a strap or band that sits over and just behind your toes with part of it attached between your biggest toe and the rest of your toes. It’s a simple design and not meant for sporting activity or anything other than protecting the bottom of your feet over short distances like on a patio, near a pool or on the beach.

How to Celebrate

Walk around in your Flip-Flops all day. You should even wear them at work. Then everyone around you can hear that annoying “filp-flop” sound as the rubber smacks the bottoms of your feet as you walk. Better yet, have flip-flip shot put. To play, bend your knee or leg back and then extend your leg forward like a catapult or slingshot with your toes spread allowing your flip-flop to fly in air as far as it can. That would be awesome. As you can tell I really love this footwear.

The Can

2011 Coca-Cola Flip-Flop Can from Romania

2011 Coca-Cola Flip-Flop Can from Romania

To celebrate this day, we selected the 2011 Coca-Cola Flip-Flop Can from the Summer set of cans from Romania. On this can is a pair of flip-flops with a bottle of Coca-Cola between them. There is a straw sticking out of the top of the bottle and a few different sized 4-petaled flowers below the flip-flops and bottle. The objects in the design are solid white on the red Cola-Cola background. The Flip-Flop straps, Cola-Cola logo and part of the straw are also red.

Happy Flip-Flop Day (6/21)!

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