Can Holiday: National Canoe Day – June 26


National Canoe Day began in 2007 by the Canadian Canoe Museum after over 1 million votes added the canoe to the list of the 7 Wonders of Canada. The goal of the holiday is to increase participation in paddle sports in Canada. Although started in Canada, National Canoe Day is also celebrated in the United States and many other countries around the world.

How to Celebrate

You can celebrate National Canoe Day by going canoeing or kayaking.

The Can

1984 Coca-Cola Sam the Eagle Canoeing/Kayaking Can

1984 Coca-Cola Sam the Eagle Canoeing/Kayaking Can

To celebrate this day, we selected the 1984 Coca-Cola Sam the Eagle Canoeing/Kayaking Can (#4 of 23) from the 1984 Summer Olympic Set. The 1984 Summer Games were held in Los Angeles, United States, and Sam the Eagle was the mascot.  On this can are the words, “Men’s Canoeing began in 1936 and women’s in 1948, and is divided into two contests: Kayak and Canadian Canoe. The Canoe is an open boat propelled with a single-bladed, unfixed paddle. The kayak has an enclosed deck with a cockpit opening and a double-bladed paddle is used. A combination of superb rhythm and an unyielding supply of power is needed to win.”

Happy National Canoe Day (6/26)!

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