Can Holiday: Don’t Step on a Bee Day – July 10


Unknown. Bees are very important to our ecosystem as they are key players for pollination, producing honey and beeswax.

How to Celebrate

You can celebrate Don’t Step on a Bee Day by not killing any bees today, especially by stepping on them.

The Can

2000s Dundee Honey Brown Beer Can

2000s Dundee Honey Brown Beer Can

To celebrate this day, we selected the 2000s Dundee Honey Brown Beer Can. On the can we see a bee in a marching band uniform playing a bass drum with a honey dipper in his right hand. The bass drum has a large “D” on it and bee is also drinking beer in a mug in his left hand. The back of the can reads:

“Be Different. Dundee Original Honey Brown
What’s supposed to go in beer?
German purity laws say you’re only allowed four ingredients. But this is America… the land of individualism, civil disobedience, and footballs that don’t roll like the rest of the world wants them to. So we decided that for Dundee Honey Brown we’d add a fifth ~ a touch of pure honey. Granted that’s a recipe a little different. But we figure you can be like everyone else or you can be yourself and drink something unique.
Go ahead. Bee different.” (The extra “e” is inserted to turn the word “Be” into “Bee”)

Happy Don’t Step on a Bee Day (7/10)!

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