Can Holiday: National Nude Day – July 14


National Nude Day was created in New Zealand. This is a day celebrated by nudists who believe the body is a thing a beauty. It is a positive holiday and not one of any negative connotation.

How to Celebrate

If you want to celebrate National Nude Day, it would be best to do so in the privacy of your own home. For you adventurous and confident people out there, you can surely find your local nudist resort and/or nude beach. Have fun.

The Can

1997 Calpis Nude Diet Isotonic Can from Japan

1997 Calpis Nude Diet Isotonic Can from Japan

To celebrate this day, we selected the 1997 Calpis Nude Diet Isotonic Can from Japan. It is a white and light blue can with a fruit on it and mentions of B6, C, and E vitamins.

An isotonic drink is:

“1. A sports drink used to simply replace fluid and electrolytes lost during prolonged exercise. 2. A sports drink that replaces water and electrolytes and contains either fructose or glucose polymers allowing slow release of carbohydrates for replenishing reserves of energy consumed while exercising.” (Source)

In case you were wondering, there are cans with photos on them that would be more appropriate for this holiday, but they are for an adult audience.

Happy National Nude Day (7/14)!

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