Can Holiday: Corn Fritters Day – July 16


Unknown. I have read that Corn Fritters are a Southern comfort food, but I can’t say that I have ever actually eaten one. They are a side dish of a mixture of corn, egg, flour, milk and butter all fried up into a small chunky thing that you can eat as-is or enjoy with a topping or dip like honey, jam, or syrup.

How to Celebrate

To celebrate Corn Fritters Day, go out and find a place that sells Corn Fritters and order some to eat. Alternatively, you could find a recipe and try to make them yourself.

The Can

1976 Schmidt's "Cornwallis Surrenders" Can

1976 Schmidt’s “Cornwallis Surrenders” Can

To celebrate this day, we selected the 1976 Schmidt’s “Cornwallis Surrenders” Can. This can is part of the Schmidt’s Bicentennial can set. On the can we see a black and white picture of this event from October 19, 1781 where British General Charles Cornwallis surrendered to the French and American armies at Yorktown, Virginia. This event brought the American Revolution to an end. A “Fritter” is defined as a food that is fried, usually in some batter or breading. The word “fried” has a meaning of being tired out or exhausted, which must be how General Cornwallis felt when he surrendered. The words on the can reads,

“1776 Visit the Philadelphia Bicentennial 1976
Cornwallis Surrenders
Schmidt’s of Philadelphia
The Beer for the Bicentennial”

Happy Corn Fritters Day (7/16)!

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