Review: Peace Tea Pink Lemonade & Tea

Peace Tea Pink Lemonade & Tea is part of Monster Beverage's packaged tea line designed to compete with Arizona, specifically Arnold Palmer Southern Style Half & Half Sweet Tea Pink Lemonade. We've previously looked at Peace's Razzleberry Tea and Caddy Shack Tea & Lemonade flavors.

Peace Tea Pink Lemonade & Tea

Peace Tea Pink Lemonade & Tea

As featured on the entire Peace Tea lineup, the package art is of note, usually portraying an element of the peace movement that ties into the specific flavor. Here we see Hippies patronizing a lemonade stand. The label also notes that inside you'll find "100% natural tea", "no artificial flavors", "no preservatives", and "no artificial colors". However, that said, it should be noted that this can of Peace Tea is sweetened with both sugar and sucralose. So, "natural" obviously is something loosely defined here.

Pink Lemonade Can Artwork

Pink Lemonade Can Artwork

Upon opening the can, you are greeted with a very sweet lemonade-y scent, which compliments the dark brown (but hued a bit red) color. Taking a sip of Peace Tea Pink Lemonade & Tea, you are awashed in an VERY sweet flavor, heavy on the lemonade, light on the tea. In fact, I'd argue that the black tea taste is rather buried in the entire beverage. The sweetness isn't a pure pink lemonade experience, either. Overall, it's a lot of sweet, lot of fake. The best way to describe the taste is liquid plastic. It just doesn't taste like you expect a pink lemonade/tea combo to be. The sweetness is strong, and the use of sugar is welcomed, but that finish is rather horrid, with a combination of plastic-y, sucralose taste dominating overall. Especially when compared to Arizona's installment, this Peace Tea equivalent is an empty competitor. Not good.

Peace Tea Pink Lemonade & Tea
Brewed natural black tea (pure filtered water, black tea), sugar, apple juice concentrate, lemon juice concentrate, citric acid, sodium citrate, grape skin extract (color), natural flavor, sucralose

A 23 oz can contains 143.8 calories, 57.5 mg sodium, and 31.6 g carbs (31.6 g sugars).


  1. The two fingers on the hand look abnormally short. If I drink this beverage, will it give me short fingers?

  2. tyler durdan says:

    Should have read this review before purchasing it (i actually was trying to purchase a pink lemonade but got this on accident) in all review good i think it will work good in one of my soaps.

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