Review: Peace Tea Sno-Berry

Over the summer, Peace Tea released two new flavors, growing out this canned tea line from Monster Beverage. Today, we take a look at Peace Tea Sno-Berry, officially described as tasting like "white tea with blueberry."

Peace Tea Sno-Berry

Peace Tea Sno-Berry

This tea has a decidedly "winter" theme to the packaging. Peace Tea's official website sets the tone:

Are you ready for an enchanting lifestyle in Arctic conditions under the Northern Lights?  Sno-Berry brings you there, complete with calming campfires, abundant fishing, Iditarod’s and igloo-living. After all, the Inuits are “the people” of Alaska and will welcome you with open arms and teach you their native language, Inuktitut. What are you waiting for?

The images on the can reflect this themeing, reflecting a cool blue and white color scheme.

Sweet Lemon Can Artwork

Sno-Berry Can Artwork

There's a fruity, tea scent coming off this beverage once you crack open the can. Sno-Berry is a light-colored drink, reflecting the white tea aspect, with just a hint of brown coloring. Packaging notes this drink features "100% natural tea", "no artificial flavors", "no preservatives", and "no artificial colors". Sno-Berry is sweetened with sugar and sucralose.

Like most Peace Tea products, this drink is very sweet, with an emphasis on the fruit flavoring over the actual tea taste. The blueberry influence is strong, leading the initial taste, but fading into an artificially-sweetened aftertaste that lurks and, frankly, brings the overall flavor experience down. I really wanted to love this flavor combination, but the aftertaste and overpowering blueberry flavor were frustrating.

Peace Tea Sno-Berry
Brewed natural white tea (filtered water, white tea), sugar, citric acid, pectin, natural flavors, scurrilous

A 23 oz can contains 143.8 calories, 0 mg sodium, and 34.5 g carbs (31.6 g sugars).


  1. is there caffeine in sno-berry peace tea??? and if so how much???

  2. Autumn Williams says:

    I was excited to try this because I do like most of their other teas, and hey, its berry! But drinking a bit of it, besides the overpowering sweetness, theres an aftertaste of shampoo in my mouth. Not impressed that I spent money on something that tastes like shampoo. My boyfriend also thought this tasted like shampoo.

  3. I recently tried the sno-berry and thought it was delicious. I would definitely buy it again. The blueberry taste actually wasn't too overpowering and the aftertaste went away fairly quick. Love this product.

  4. I have to echo the other comment saying there was an aftertaste of shampoo. After my first sip, I thought the aftertaste was that of a cleaning product. Not bad tasting so long as you chug the whole thing without stopping, but blech, that shampoo/cleaning product aftertaste really ruins it terribly.

  5. I was excited by this tea! Never had Peace Tea before, and the art is amazing. Although pretty sweet, it definitely had an interesting blueberry taste. I didn't detect any "shampooness" of it.

    I am sad about it having sucralose though, an artificial sweetener for those who don't know. The search for quirky teas with no artificial sweeteners continues!

  6. This is my new favorite peace tea, I lov e that it's a white tea with blueberry flavoring and a splash of regular tea along with makes it delicious. I don't understand why people are saying that the blueberry taste is overwhelming and the aftertaste is great, I've personally never tasted shampoo, but I don't think that it tastes bad at all 10/10 if you're not drinking sno berry tea you are missing out

  7. Who drinks shampoo? That's so weird, could you please tell me what head&shoulders tastes like those Troy Polomalu ads make me curious. Honestly this tea has a little aftertaste bc they also added regular tea with it to give it that extra kick and I think they hit a home run with this product

  8. Those whom "assume" the flavor is of a shampoo are hideous morons! Who in the f*** drinks shampoo unless they're on some serious crack? Epic fail!

  9. Happyinatl says:

    Not sure where people are getting a shampoo taste but one must ask, "How do you know what shampoo tastes like?" I LOVE this tea I buy it all the time and its BY FAR my favorite drink by Peace Tea! Keep up the good work you rock Peace Tea!!

  10. I love the berry taste, but they added to much sugar, idk why you said "artificially sweetened" though, it doesn't use fake sugars. I love blueberry though.

  11. This product smells and tastes like carpet cleaner. And yet for some reason I can't get enough of it LOL. I love the taste and I hope it becomes part of their regular product line.

  12. It now says it is brewed with white and black tea. It also kinda tastes peachy. They may have changed it since this review, though.

  13. Honestly my favorite flavor, although I can't really tell what it tastes like lol. I love this flavor but it isn't sold in my town so everytime I visit my boyfriend or he visits me I get this tea. I absolutely adore this flavor because of how different it is.

  14. Sno Berry is nectar of the Gods. Its simply amazing.

  15. This is my favorite tea by Peace Tea, it's definitely it's own unique taste in my opinion. The aftertaste isn't bad, and it lasts for only a short amount of time. It's my favorite


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