Review: Peace Tea Cranberry Tea

We recently reviewed a new flavor in Monster Beverage's ready-to-drink tea lineup, Peace Tea Sno-Berry. Well, it turns out that in order to make room for this new SKU, they gave the ax to Peace Tea Cranberry Tea. However, we still have a can, so let's look at a drink you can't buy anymore!

Peace Tea Cranberry Tea

Peace Tea Cranberry Tea

The Cranberry Tea flavor was launched in February 2002, along with Texas Style Sweet Tea and Pink Lemonade + Tea. With a package design reflecting the cranberry bogs of the Northeast (complete with lighthouse), it had a rather attractive look.

Cranberry Can Artwork

Cranberry Can Artwork

However, per Peace Tea's official social media channels, "Cranberry has been discontinued in order to bring in your new fav – Sno-Berry!" This beverage now joins 3 other discontinued flavors from Peace Tea… Imported Ceylon Tea, Unsweetened Tea, & Diet Green Tea.

Discontinued Flavors: Imported Ceylon Tea, Unsweetened Tea, & Diet Green Tea

Other Discontinued Flavors: Imported Ceylon Tea, Unsweetened Tea, & Diet Green Tea

Just like the other entries in the Peace Tea lineup, the can size of 23 oz is designed to compete with Arizona Beverage's very successful tea offerings. Packaging notes this drink features "100% natural tea", "no artificial flavors", "no preservatives", and "no artificial colors". Cranberry was sweetened with sugar and sucralose.

Light brown in color, there is surprisingly very little cranberry scent. The drink itself is quite sweet, like most of the Peace Tea lineup. These beverages seem to place a higher priority on the noted flavor over the actual taste of tea itself. Cranberry starts out very strong with a sweet berry flavor, then migrates into a syrupy aftertaste, with the use of sucralose notable. It does share many similarities with the new Sno-Berry flavor, which is probably why Cranberry was discontinued (well, that and it probably was a poor sales performer). I'm not in love with this flavor, but since it's gone, I don't have to be!

Peace Tea Cranberry Tea
Brewed natural black tea (pure filtered water, black tea), sugar, apple juice concentrate, lemon juice concentrate, tartaric acid, citric acid, natural flavor, sucralose, cranberry juice concentrate, tannic acid.

A 23 oz can contains 143.8 calories, 0 mg sodium, and 37.4 g carbs (31.6 g sugars).


  1. heidi evans says:

    Cranberry tea rocked. so sad to hear you gave it the ax:(

  2. Bring back the Cranberry tea!!!!!! ;-; it was the best.

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