Review: Tradewinds Sweet Tea

Tradewinds Beverage Co’s claim to fame is “kettle brewed tea,” with this Tradewindws Sweet Tea combining black tea and sugar. Can it stand out in the marketplace?

Tradewinds Sweet Tea

Tradewinds Sweet Tea

Tradewinds started back in 1992, but was bought by Sweet Leaf Tea in 2010. In 2011, Nestlé Waters North America purchased Sweet Leaf, which meant that Tradewinds once again had a new owner. The appeal of Tradewinds seems to be the attractive price point for natural beverages, as this 23 oz can is priced at 99 cents, putting it on par with Arizona and Peace Tea.

Based in Ohio, Tradewinds features an island theme, complete with palm trees, water, and sunny skies. This can has an attractive blue/orange/yellow color scheme, with a clean logo representing “Real Brewed Tea.” The ingredient list is pretty short, highlighting black tea, sugar, and citric acid.

This tea has your typical light brown appearance, complimented by a strong tea scent. The flavor is extremely sweet, as should be expected by a Sweet Tea flavor, but Tradewinds tends to really lay on the sugar strong in all their flavors. That said, the overall experience is very clean, with a pleasant tea/sugar aftertaste that was welcomed.

Tradewinds Sweet Tea won’t set the beverage world on fire, but it will provide you with a tasty sweet tea at an affordable price.

Tradewinds Sweet Tea
Real brewed tea (filtered water, black tea leaves), sugar, caramel, citric acid

A 23 oz can contains 230 calories, 57.5 mg sodium, and 54.6 g carbs (54.6 g sugars)