Review: Bing Black Energy Drink

A second flavor to compliment Bing Energy Drink, Bing Black contains blackberry juice and just 40 calories per can, along with B-Vitamins, Vitamin C, caffeine, ginkgo biloba, and ginseng.

Bing Black Energy Drink

Bing Black Energy Drink

After talking with the folks at Bing at this year’s NRA Show, the admitted that their drink skews to the female demographic, and the release of the new blackberry flavor builds on that success.

Bing Black comes in a slim, 12 oz can, with black as the primary color on the outside, accented by red elements, including the “B” logo. It’s carbonated and purple/red in color, with a notable fruit scent that recalls back to the berry elements contained within.

This energy drink is very sweet, but also quite smooth. There’s no tartness in the flavor, but rather a welcomed blackberry flavor that is quite different from others in the energy drink game at the moment; Red Bull and Cintron are big on cranberry at the moment. Bing Black contains 5% juice, originated from blackberry and cherry concentrates.

There is a notable artificial sweetener aftertaste present, in this case powered by Ace-K and sucralose, working in conjunction with the primary cane sugar sweetener. There’s a syrupy finish as well, but the overall flavor is excellent. If I was looking for a lower calorie energy drink option featuring a unique taste, Bing Black would be high on my list.

Bing Black Energy Drink
Carbonated water, juice from concentrate (blackberry, cherry), cane sugar, natural flavors, citric acid, malice acid, fruit juice (color), potassium sorbate (to preserve flavor), sodium benzoate (to preserve flavor), acesulfame potassium, potassium citrate, sucralose.

A 12 oz can contains 40 calories, 15 mg sodium, and 8 mg carbs (8 g sugars). Caffeine content is 10.2 mg/oz. Other energy elements include ginkgo blob, ginseng root extract, and guarana.