Review: Peace Tea Georgia Peach Tea

Over the summer, Monster's Peace Tea brand released two new flavors: Peace Tea Sno-Berry and Peace Tea Georgia Peach Tea. Let's take a look at this product that gets its name from a Southern state!

Peace Tea Georgia Peach Tea

Peace Tea Georgia Peach Tea

Like all Peace Tea products, this flavor is packaged in a 23 oz can and features the traditional Peace Tea "look," this time the "South" with plantations, peach trees, and the music of long-gone eras. Packaging notes this drink features "100% natural tea", "no artificial flavors", "no preservatives", and "no artificial colors". This light brown colored tea is sweetened with sugar and sucralose.

Like most flavors in the Peace Tea lineup, this drink is very sweet. Historically, it seems the brand favors sweetness over flavor, as the nuances of the drink are often lost (with the except, so far, being their Green Tea flavor).

Georgia Peach Tea Can Artwork

Georgia Peach Tea Can Artwork

This peace tea produces a strong fruit scent, with the sweet peach flavor leading the taste, then cleanly dissolving over the tongue. While there is sugar used in this drink, the artificial sweetening with sucralose was fairly obvious, unfortunately. Not a favorite by any means, but if you like peach, probably worth drinking at least once.

Peace Tea Georgia Peach Tea
Brewed natural tea (pure filtered water, tea), sugar, fructose, citric acid, pectin, sucralose, natural flavors.

A 23 oz can contains 143.8 calories, 0 mg sodium, and 37.4 g carbs (37.4 g sugars).


  1. Peach and Peace. Very clever.

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