Review: Monster Energy Lo-Carb

Here at BevReview, we historically haven’t had a good relationship with Monster Beverage. This probably harkens back to some legal threats they threw our way back in 2009 relating to a review we wrote two years prior. But it all worked out in the end (after some social embarrassment on their part), so let’s take a 30 calorie look at Lo-Carb Monster Energy.

Monster Energy Lo-Carb

Monster Energy Lo-Carb

In effect, this is a “diet” version of Monster, with a lower calorie count thanks to the use of sucralose and acesulfame potassium artificial sweeteners (30 per can vs. 200 in the original). The carbohydrates are less as well, with Lo-Carb featuring 7 g per can vs. 54 g in the original. This version of Monster Energy still comes in the standard Monster trade dress, featuring a black 16 oz can anchored by the claw ‘M’ logo. Lo-Carb changes the logo from bright green to cool blue to delineate the flavor difference.

The drink itself is the light yellow hue shared with the original flavor, with a citrus scent. The flavor shares a common profile with standard Monster Energy — tangy, grape-influenced, citrus highlights, and energy drink supplement flavors — and comes off as quite sweet. It also features the typical medicinal taste and bitterness that often comes from drinks that feature taurine, ginseng, and guarana.

In effect, it’s a great clone of the original flavor until you hit the aftertaste portion of your consumption. Here is where you standard artificial aftertaste finish makes itself known. It’s not the worst experience in the world, but you won’t mistake Lo-Carb for the full calorie original when it comes to taste.

Overall, if you like the taste of Monster, but don’t want to compromise the flavor by going zero calorie, Lo-Carb is a great option to get your energy drink buzz. And at 8.75 mg/oz of caffeine content, you are going to get your blast of energy! (For comparison, Mountain Dew contains 4.5 mg/oz.)

Monster Energy Lo-Carb
Carbonated water, glucose, citric acid, natural flavors, taurine, sodium citrate, color added, panax ginseng extract, caffeine, sorbic acid (preservative), sucralose, benzoic acid (preservative), L-carnitine L-tartrate, niacinamide (Vitamin B3), acesulfame potassium, salt, D-glucuponolactone, inositol, guarana extract, pyridoxine hydrochloride (Vitamin B6), riboflavin (Vitamin B2), maltodextrin, cyanocobalamin (Vitamin B12).

A 16 oz can contains 30 calories, 380 mg sodium, 7 g carbs (7 g sugars), and 140 mg of caffeine.