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Your Editor, Steve Tanner

Here at BevReview.com, we think about what you drink! Since 2001 we’ve provided beverage reviews and commentary, focusing on non-alchoholic soft drinks, bottled teas, energy drinks, flavored water, fruit drinks, and other types of liquid refreshment.

I’m your host and editor, Steve Tanner, happy to be your guide in discovering new beverages and revisiting old favorites. BevReview’s unique editorial coverage has been featured in The New York Times, National Public Radio, The Los Angeles Times, Consumer Reports, and other publications. Together with a team of reviewers, we provide a family-friendly look at the world of drinks, exploring areas of flavor, color, scent, aftertaste, package design, marketing, and overall appeal. Our coverage has also extended to leading industry shows and exhibitions, including the National Association of Convenience Stores, National Restaurant Association, and Coffee Fest.

BevReview’s consumer-oriented reviews aim to educate and clearly explain trends in the beverage industry, from learning about the latest sweeteners to understanding why your favorite drink has been discontinued. We aim to provide an ethical, journalistic approach to our review coverage, perhaps with a small dose of sarcasm thrown in for good measure! You’ll also discover that we’re well-known for our drink photography, often featuring our popular “beverage next to a tree” pose, shot from our headquarters here in Chicago.

Whether you are a beverage enthusiast or a curious connoisseur, we thank you for visiting BevReview.com… and hope our review coverage brings you back again!