Review: Gatorade Cool Blue Cherry

Gatorade Cool Blue Cherry

A limited edition flavor that offered great promise, but results in a weakened overall taste that doesn’t honor any of the unique qualities promised on the label.

Review: Gatorade Sandia Citrus (Watermelon Citrus)


Gatorade Sandia Citrus (Watermelon Citrus) tastes a lot like watered down watermelon, and nothing like citrus. Despite the unique Hispanic marketing hook, it’s disappointing.

Review: Gatorade Limon-Pepino (Lime-Cucumber)

Gatorade Limon-Pepino (Lime-Cucumber)

Mostly cucumber flavor, but finishes with a nice light lime taste. It’s refreshing & tasty and would be great on a hot day at the beach with some chips y salsa y tacos y burritos!

Review: Julmust Christmas Soda

Julmust Christmas Soda

If you could bottle the Christmas spirit, carbonate it, and sell it, it might taste like Julmust Christmas Soda. A deep cola, mild dark cherry, a hint of ginger, perhaps a bit of cacao. It’s what I imagine Vikings would have consumed from an oak barrel during the Norman Conquest of 1066!

Review: NuGrape Soda

NuGrape Soda

Guest reviewer Jason Steele chimes in with his take on NuGrape Soda. Considered better than Fanta Grape but not as good as Jones Soda Gruesome Grape, this beverage contains a HFCS-powered authentic flavor that would be refreshing and tasty on a hot summer day… but only if consumed quickly!

Review: Bubble Up

Bubble Up

Amazing clean flavor thanks to the inclusion of lemon and lime oils, dry aftertaste powered by the use of cane sugar, and packed with a nice bit of bite. Highly recommended.