Review: 7Up Tropical 16 oz

7Up 16 oz Can Lineup: Lemon-Lime, Cherry, & Tropical

Refreshingly different, but scatterbrained in flavor. Peach, melon, papaya, pineapple, lemon, lime… it’s all in there!

On the Shelf: Sun Drop 16 oz Aluminum Bottles

Sun Drop 16 oz Aluminum Bottle

Here’s a 16 oz aluminum bottle of Sun Drop, spotted in Chicago, and chilling in the winter snow!

On the Shelf: Mexican 7Up and Mexican Squirt Glass Bottles

Mexican Squirt and 7Up Glass Bottles

Looking for 12 oz glass bottles of sugar-sweetened 7Up and Squirt? This 7-Eleven in Chicago has ‘em!

Can Holiday: Sunglasses Day – June 27

1994 7Up Cool Spot Can

Mark your spot on Sunglasses Day with this 1994 7Up Cool Spot Can!

Can Holiday: Bicycle Day – April 19

1992 Diet 7up Can with Fido Dido

What do LSD and Diet 7Up have in common? They both help us to mark the origins of Bicycle Day! You’ll be surprised when you read about this holiday’s history.

Can Holiday: Titanic Remembrance Day – April 15

1998 7Up Titanic Can from Australia

It’s a little odd to “Relive the Romance” and the “Voyage of a Lifetime” on Titanic Remembrance Day… but that’s exactly what this 1998 7Up can from Australia calls us to do!

Review: 7Up Cherry (2013)

7Up Cherry (2013)

The 2013 reformulation of Cherry 7Up is an improvement over the previous 2009 Antioxidant incarnation. It’s still quite sweet and contains HFCS, but the crisper flavor profile is welcomed.

Can Holiday: Tolkien Reading Day – March 25

2003 United States Dr Pepper Snapple Group Lord of the Rings Cans

What does J. R. R. Tolkien have in common with 7Up? Back in 2003, “The Lord of the Rings” was featured on a can set… ideal for Tolkien Reading Day!

Can Holiday: National Old Stuff Day – March 2

2003 7up dnL can

“Turn your thirst upside down” as we revisit a 2003 7Up dnL can on National Old Stuff Day!

Review: 1976 7Up “United We Stand” Cans (Part 6 of 6 – Uncle Sam)

1976 7Up "United We Stand" Cans - Uncle Sam

We come to the dramatic conclusion of our 6-week series looking at 1976 7Up “United We Stand” cans… and a familiar patriotic image is finally revealed!