Review: Amp Energy Original (2012)

Amp Energy Original (2012)

Amp Energy used to taste good, with a nice Mountain Dew influence. Then it was relaunched in early 2012. Now it’s a generic, gross-tasting, standard energy drink with a non-distictive flavor. Find something better.

Coming Soon: Amp Energy redesign

New Amp Energy Original Design

Amp Energy gets new packaging and positioning for 2012, focusing on three functional subcategories: Boost, Active, and Focus.

Review: Amp Energy with Green Tea

Amp Energy with Green Tea

We really liked Amp Energy with Green Tea. If you are a tea fan, then this is a drink to check out, combining the unique taste elements with the features of an energy drink. The sweetness of the general Amp Energy flavor counteracted the sometimes bitter experience you get from a tea, but the overall flavor profile blended with with a citrus hint. Thumbs up!

Review: Amp Energy Tradin’ Paint

Amp Energy Tradin' Paint

Amp Energy Tradin’ Paint is an interesting mixture of orange, lime, and berry flavors that seamlessly blend together, only slightly hinting at a primary berry-tasting base despite its yellow color. It’s refreshing and does provide a kick of caffeine. Fan of NASCAR or not, it’s a worthy limited-edition to join the Amp Energy lineup. You may want to “trade paint” if you get the chance!

Review: Amp Energy Lightning

Amp Energy Lightning

Amp Energy Lightning does not taste horribly like cleaning solution, but rather provided a peppy, bubbly lemonade experience. It lacks the negative aftertaste typically associated with energy drinks, which is a huge plus. This is a solid addition to the Amp Energy lineup and recommended.

Review: Amp Energy Relaunch

Amp Energy Relaunch

If the orange-flavored Mountain Dew LiveWire ever became an energy drink, it would look and taste a lot like Amp Energy Relaunch. Sporting an increase in sodium to better “revive” you like a sports drink, the flavor wasn’t too bad. It was mild, not too artificial, and compared to other energy drinks on the market, didn’t taste gross.

Review: Amp Energy Elevate

Amp Energy Elevate

A mixed berry energy drink that brings back memories of that 2002 marketing favorite, Pepsi Blue. The taste is solid, has a slightly tart kick, and resonates well with a fond berryness.

Review: Amp Energy Traction

Amp Energy Traction

As previously rumored, Amp Energy Traction is a grape-flavored line extension of the Mountain Dew-inspired energy drink brand. I really liked the beverage, probably because it reminded me so much of one of my favorite Dew line extensions, Pitch Black. The grape flavor is good, but not overpowering. It definitely still tastes like an energy drink, but it’s a favorable experience all around.

Coming Soon: Amp Energy Elevate / Amp Energy Traction / Amp Energy Relaunch

Amp Energy Elevate / Amp Energy Relaunch / Amp Energy Traction

Confirmed: Amp Energy Elevate (Mixed Berry), Amp Energy Traction (Grape), and Amp Energy Relaunch (Orange). These 3 flavor extensions of the Amp Energy brand further build its identity away from the original inspiration, Mountain Dew.

Review: Amp Energy Overdrive Tall Boy

Amp Energy Overdrive

Just as Mountain Dew Code Red is the cherry-flavored version of the flagship brand, so is Amp Energy Overdrive to the original Amp Energy. This is an energy drink loaded with almost twice the caffeine of standard Mountain Dew, while also promoted as containing the head-scratching ingredient of “yerba mate”.