Review: Manzanita Sol

Manzanita Sol

Refreshing, carbonated apple soda, with a subtle welcomed bitterness. Light, but syrupy… not as clean as Sidral Mundet. Contains no actual apple juice.

Review: Arizona Sweet Apple Juice Cocktail

Arizona Sweet Apple Juice Cocktail

Starts traditionally sweet, but has a tartness that places a nice exclamation point on the finish, making it feel less like a breakfast drink and more like something you’d want to drink at different times during the day.

This Just In: Arizona Sweet Apple Juice Cocktail

Arizona Sweet Apple Juice Cocktail

With 15% juice content, it’s “fresh pressed” Arizona Sweet Apple Juice Cocktail. The Spanish text featured on the top of the can helps indicate the customer Arizona thinks will purchase this product.

Can Holiday: Johnny Appleseed Day – March 11

2002 SOL Apple Soda Can from Mexico

Find yourself something apple to drink, because today we are celebrating Johnny Appleseed Day! Let’s take a look at this 2002 SOL Apple Soda can from Mexico…

Review: Jones Soda Dread Apple Soda (2008)

Jones Soda Dread Apple Soda

With a name like Jones Soda Dread Apple Soda, you’d hope for a great new take on an apple soft drink. Well, unless you like carbonated Jolly Rancher candy, you aren’t going to find it. I had hope for this entry in the 2008 Jones Soda Halloween collection, but it comes up short.

Review: Sidral Mundet

Sidral Mundet

Lightly carbonated flavor, influenced by actual apple juice, is very clean. It can probably best be described as tasting like an apple juice version of sparkling grape juice. And yes, it’s sweetened with real sugar. Yum!