Can Holiday: National Joe Day – March 27

1991 A&W Snoopy Joe Cool Can

Snoopy takes on the persona of “Joe Cool” to take part in the festivities known as National Joe Day!

Coming Soon: 20th Anniversay Olympic Basketball “Dream Team” Cans

20th Anniversay Olympic Basketball "Dream Team" Cans

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the 1992 Olympic Basketball “Dream Team”, a set of 5 collector cans showcase players on Sunkist, 7UP, A&W, Canada Dry, & Sun Drop

Review: A&W Ten

A&W Ten

A&W Ten tastes closer to the original than Diet A&W. The frontloaded flavor fools your tastebuds into thinking “this isn’t diet” for a short time.

Review: “The Munsters” Halloween 2000 Cans

A&W Root Beer – Herman Munster Halloween 2000 Can

The Munsters – Herman, Lily, and Grandpa – were featured on a 2000 Halloween can set, that included A&W, Diet A&W, and Sunkist Orange

Review: Dr Pepper Snapple Group 2011 Halloween Cans

7Up Halloween 2011 Can

A look at the special Halloween 2011 cans from Dr Pepper Snapple Group, including 7Up, A&W, Canada Dry, Sunkist, and Sun Drop

Review: A&W Float

A&W Float

Take the flavor experience of a root beer float and bottle it. That’s what A&W Float soda attempts to pull off. It’s an interesting innovation idea… and one that comes close, but misses. While it does use sugar and skim milk, the resulting taste is so artificial that you shouldn’t even bother. Great idea, horrible execution.