Overview: Mountain Dew DEWmocracy 2 Campaign

DEWmocracy Flavors

An overview of DEWmocracy 2, the second installment of Mountain Dew’s campaign to discover the next flavor. This time around, we’re presented with Mountain Dew Distortion, Mountain Dew Typhoon, and Mountain Dew White Out. We explain the differences between this program and the previous DEWmocracy campaign which gave us Mountain Dew Voltage.

Monster Energy vs. BevReview.com

Monster Energy review on TannerWorld.com

Some lawyers representing Monster Energy apparently don’t like our review, and they were kind enough to send us some e-mail to let us know. Read about all the legal fuss and the joy of being a beverage reviewer!

Stevia: Natural or Artificial?

Stevia rebaudiana flowers

We recently posted a news item here at BevReview.com about a new Stevia-based sweetener being used in beverages. Since then, there’s been a lot of debate about whether these Reb-A sweeteners should be considered ‘natural’ or ‘artificial’. What do you think?

Commentary: DEWmocracy and Mountain Dew’s online marketing

Mountain Dew DEWmocracy

DEWmocracy is the name of a marketing initiative PepsiCo launched last November to promote their Mountain Dew brand. This online experience revolved around customers voting on the next flavor of Dew. Read more for full explanation, analysis, and commentary on the flavor selections and game experience.

Commentary: Revisionist History of Dr Pepper

Cherry Chocolate Diet Dr Pepper

The revisionist history by Cadbury Schweppes regarding Dr Pepper sparks a fire under your BevReview.com host, prompting a little reeducation for these obviously clueless marketing executives. And here you thought Cherry Chocolate Diet Dr Pepper was just going to be an interesting, new, limited-time flavor!

Branding of Diet Coke

The Branding of Diet Coke

An overview of the Diet Coke brand and packaging, how it prompted the creation of New Coke & Coke II, and other low calorie options from The Coca-Cola Company over the years, including Tab, Coca-Cola C2, and Coca-Cola Zero.