Super Bowl Commercial: SodaStream – “The SodaStream Effect”

SodaStream - The SodaStream Effect

The world is looking for a little beverage disruption, and SodaStream aims directly at the likes of Coke and Pepsi. With their initial commercial rejected by CBS, the Super Bowl spot highlights the positive environmental impact of the brand (while not offending the Big 2).

Super Bowl Commercial: MiO Fit – “Anthem”

MiO Fit - Anthem

Gatorade and Powerade are put on notice by Kraft, who brings out Tracy Morgan to promote their new MiO Fit liquid water enhancer. Go electrolytes!

Super Bowl Commercial: Milk Processor Education Program – “Morning Run”

MilkPEP - Morning Run

The “Got Milk” folks hire Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and his one-dimensional acting in their attempt to promote lactose consumption while the world falls apart.

Super Bowl Commercial: Coca-Cola – “Security Cameras”

Coca-Cola - Security Cameras

A rerun commercial from 2012, this “Open Happiness” sequence from Coke shows clips from security cameras around the world, capturing random acts of kindness and bravery. It’s a good brand piece for the beverage leader.

Super Bowl Commercial: Coca-Cola – “Mirage”

Coca-Cola - "Mirage"

Weeks before the Super Bowl, Coke teased their “Mirage” spot (which pointed to It features a race between 3 factions — badlanders, cowboys and showgirls — all attempting to arrive at a large bottle of Coke in the desert. In their attempt to engage the public, the website was inaccessible for a large portion of the Super Bowl due to high traffic. Ooops!

Super Bowl Commercial: Pepsi Next – “Party”

Pepsi Next - Party

After many years of trying, Pepsi gives up on Pepsi Max at the Super Bowl, with newcomer Pepsi Next getting the prime spot. Apparently, it’s also the beverage you drink when you want to party with Mr. HFCS, Ms. Aspartame, Sir Ace-K, and Miss Sucralose.

Super Bowl Commercial: Pepsi – “Halftime”

Pepsi - "Halftime"

500 images were used in this animated countdown to Pepsi’s halftime show with Beyonce. It didn’t seem like purchased ad time, but it was. Creative and engaging lead-in to the Pepsi-sponsored show.

Poll: Super Bowl Beverage Commercials 2012

Super Bowl 46 Beverage Commercials

Which Super Bowl commercials would you rate the BEST and WORST? Share your opinion on these non-alcoholic beverage commercials!

Super Bowl Commercial: Coca-Cola – “Arghh”

Coca-Cola - "Arghh"

The Coke Polar Bear trilogy wraps up with the Giants bear screaming disgust at the finish to the game… and then drinking a Coke.

Super Bowl Commercial: Coca-Cola – “Catch”

Coca-Cola - "Catch"

Coke’s Polar Bear trilogy continues with the Patriots bear pulling off an impressive bottle catch, but only after knocking out a lot of his friends on the ice.