Review: Dad’s Red Cream Soda

Dad's Red Cream Soda

Tastes like a creamier version of Big Red. Very artificial and syrupy, with an overtly sweet flavor.

Review: Dad’s Orange Cream Soda

Dad's Orange Cream Soda

Amazingly smooth, this drink tastes like a melted, carbonated Creamsicle. Slight syrupy flavor, with a unique mandarin scent.

Review: Dad’s Cream Soda

Dad's Cream Soda

Value-priced cream soda with value-priced equivalent taste. Lacking in authentic vanilla flavor, while over-endowed with syrupy aftertaste.

Review: Dad’s Root Beer

Dad's Root Beer

Go old fashioned with this nostalgic root beer taste. It’s classic, affordable, and tasty! (Also, makes a great Father’s Day gift)

Review: Dr. Wells

Dr. Wells

If you were to water down the flavor found in Dr Pepper and remove some of its bite, then you would have Dr. Wells

Review: Bubble Up

Bubble Up

Amazing clean flavor thanks to the inclusion of lemon and lime oils, dry aftertaste powered by the use of cane sugar, and packed with a nice bit of bite. Highly recommended.