Design Review: Repositioning of Aquafina FlavorSplash

Aquafina FlavorSplash

The all-new branding and packaging of Aquafina FlavorSplash is a huge departure from its previous iteration and looks to target the teen demographic more effectively.

Design Review: Evolution of Caffeine Free Coke Family Branding

Evolution of the Coke Family

With the announcement of Caffeine Free Coke Zero, we explore the design elements of Coca-Cola’s caffeine free versions… and how sometimes, the rules of corporate branding need to be broken.

Design Review: MiO Fit

MiO Fit

Design Review of MiO Fit: The molecular aberrations to the Mio “M” brandmark appeal to the sports science aesthetic and efficacy we’ve all come to expect from category leaders Gatorade and Powerade.

Coming Soon: Amp Energy redesign

New Amp Energy Original Design

Amp Energy gets new packaging and positioning for 2012, focusing on three functional subcategories: Boost, Active, and Focus.

Coming Soon: Barq’s Root Beer redesign

Barq's Root Beer redesign

Barq’s Root Beer package design goes streamlined with a simplified color scheme, diamond background pattern, and a less cluttered layout. Sharp!

News: PepsiCo’s “Sidekick” Bottle for Mountain Dew

Mountain Dew "Sidekick" Bottle

Select markets bottle Mountain Dew in PepsiCo’s “Sidekick” bottle, showcasing a “grip” shape, smaller label design, and improved shelf branding.

News: Dr Pepper Snapple Group rolls out the “Legacy” Bottle

7Up Legacy Bottle

Dr Pepper Snapple Group introduces the “Legacy” bottle as a replacement for their current 20 oz. shape, used for brands in the company’s portfolio that do not have their own brand-specific bottle designs.

Update: Ruby Red Squirt

Ruby Red Squirt (2011)

Ruby Red Squirt has been redesigned to reflect the new logo look & feel rolled out for the flagship drink in late 2010. We’re not fans.

Design Review: Squirt

Fresca and Fanta Grapefruit

Guest reviewer Tim Lapetino is a brand strategist and designer at Hexanine. Today he takes a look at a recent beverage packaging reboot. Dr Pepper Snapple Group has recently given its flagship citrus beverage, Squirt, a facelift, and we’re going to look at the new look from a package design perspective. Did DPSG meet its […]

Branding of Diet Coke

The Branding of Diet Coke

An overview of the Diet Coke brand and packaging, how it prompted the creation of New Coke & Coke II, and other low calorie options from The Coca-Cola Company over the years, including Tab, Coca-Cola C2, and Coca-Cola Zero.