Can Olympics: The Swiss Like Diet Coke

1988 Diet Coke Winter Olympics Can, showcasing 1948 Games

The U.S. won their first medal in skiing thanks to “Just 1 Calorie” in Diet Coke!

Can Holiday: Fairy Day – June 24

1986 Diet Coke Tinker Bell Can

Tinker Bell adorns a Diet Coke can as we celebrate Fairy Day!

Can Holiday: Sewing Machine Day – June 13

Sewing Machine Day

Celebrate the sewing machine as we walk through fashions in the 80s, 90s, and 00s thanks to this Marc Jacob’s Coca-Cola Light can collection!

Can Holiday: Red Rose Day – June 12

2004 Coca Cola Light Can from Belgium

Red Rose Day? How about a 2004 Coca Cola Light Can from Belgium?!

Design Review: Evolution of Caffeine Free Coke Family Branding

Evolution of the Coke Family

With the announcement of Caffeine Free Coke Zero, we explore the design elements of Coca-Cola’s caffeine free versions… and how sometimes, the rules of corporate branding need to be broken.

Can Holiday: National Shrimp Scampi Day – April 29

2006 Coca-Cola Light Can

Something’s fishy! Maybe that’s due to our celebration of National Shrimp Scampi Day… and this 2006 Coca-Cola Light Can.

Can Holiday: World Lab Animal Day – April 24

World Lab Animal Day

Mickey is a mouse. Roger is a rabbit. They may be animated stars, but both are also featured guests for World Lab Animal Day!

Can Holiday: Pillow Fight Day – April 6

2002 Diet Coke Can from Israel

Grab a pillow and hit someone in the head! Or just track down this 2002 Diet Coke can from Israel to celebrate Pillow Fight Day!

Can Holiday: World Puppetry Day – March 21

1986 Diet Cherry Coke "15 Years of Walt Disney World" Pinocchio Can

To honor World Puppetry Day, we take a look at the 1986 Diet Cherry Coke “15 Years of Walt Disney World” Pinocchio can.

Can Holiday: Plant a Flower Day – March 12

2008 Diet Coke Flowers Can from Ireland

“Do Your Thing” for Plant a Flower Day… as long as your thing is actually planting a flower! Get in the spirit with this 2008 Diet Coke Flowers Can from Ireland!