Review: Dr Pepper with Imperial Sugar

Dr Pepper with Imperial Sugar

You’ve heard all about those 23 flavors in Dr Pepper, right? Wouldn’t it be great to actually taste them? With Dr Pepper with Imperial Sugar, you do! (Also, RIP Dublin Dr Pepper)

Can Holiday: Lost Sock Memorial Day – May 9

1984 Dr Pepper American Style Socks Can from Great Britain

Get socks from Dr Pepper? This 1984 can offers the opportunity to get “Fantastic American Style Socks,” whatever those are!

Can Holiday: National Doctors’ Day – March 30

2004 Diet Dr Pepper Doctor Octopus Can

It’s Doc Ock on a 2004 can of Diet Dr Pepper for National Doctors’ Day!

Coming Soon: “The Avengers” Dr Pepper Cans

"The Avengers" Dr Pepper Cans

Dr Pepper is featuring the “The Avengers” on a series of 8 cans that form one large scene when viewed together.

Review: Doc 360 & Diet Doc 360

Doc 360

Doc 360 & Diet Doc 360 are quality Dr Pepper clones with a differentiating increase in caffeine. The flavor is slightly less biting than the original, but the overall taste profile is excellent.

Review: Dr Pepper Ten

Dr Pepper Ten

Dr Pepper Ten starts out fine with that first sip, but then the expected flavor never arrives, instead trailing right into the negative diet-infused aftertaste. While there is something there that tastes like Dr Pepper, it definitely feels like those 23 flavors aren’t kicking on all cylinders. Stick with the far-superior Diet Dr Pepper.

Coming Soon: Dr Pepper “Made With Real Sugar”

Dr Pepper "Made With Real Sugar"

Dr Pepper “Made With Real Sugar” follows in the footsteps of Heritage Dr Pepper as another limited edition sugar-sweetened release of the famed drink, this time celebrating the 125th Anniversary.

Super Bowl Commercial: Dr Pepper Cherry – “Dr Love – Little KISS” takes a look at the beverage-related Super Bowl commercials. In a follow-up to the Gene Simmons “I’m a Doctor” commercial that kicked off the Dr Pepper Cherry campaign, here we have a humorous take on the idea that this drink contains “a little kiss of cherry.”

Review: Heritage Dr Pepper


Heritage Dr Pepper is for those who appreciate a good Dr Pepper. Using a combination of cane and beet sugar, this beverage is smoother and cleaner than its high fructose corn syrup counterpart, allowing you to actually notice those “23 Flavors” that the company is always bragging about.

Coming Soon: Heritage Dr Pepper

Dr Pepper Heritage / Dr Pepper Retro

After talking with our contacts today, we can confirm that Dr Pepper Snapple Group does have a product slated for First Quarter 2010 which they described as “Dr Pepper with sugar”. Think of it as the Dr Pepper version of Pepsi Throwback