Review: Full Throttle Mother

Full Throttle Mother

Full Throttle Mother is the worst entry in Coke’s energy drink line. The flavor doesn’t resemble anything remotely describable and the overall taste experience is quite negative. Despite the claims of natural flavors with acai, it’s not a good beverage. If you come across it for whatever reason, move along!

Review: Full Throttle Blue Demon

Full Throttle Blue Demon

Full Throttle Blue Demon is a berry-flavored extension in Coke’s energy drink lineup, which also features the original Full Throttle and orange-flavored Full Throttle Fury. The initial taste was strong and rather good, but the flavor just seemed to die out after that, leaving a washed out berry aftertaste.

Review: Full Throttle Fury

Full Throttle Fury

Decent-tasting, orange-flavored energy drink. It’s superior in many ways to Coke’s original Full Throttle. Only the confusing packaging really hurts the beverage overall.

Review: Full Throttle

Full Throttle

Full Throttle is an energy drink brand owned by The Coca-Cola Company. It debuted in 2004 as Coke’s response to the growing energy drink market, led by the likes of Monster and Red Bull. Frankly, it has a citrus flavor, but with a horrid aftertaste that I’d describe akin to drinking carbonated cleaning solution. Very medicinal. Yuck!