Review: Jarritos Fruit Punch

Jarritos Fruit Punch

Fruity and clean, this is a high quality fruit punch that lays on the sweetness, without being syrupy. A great compliment to food, it doesn’t overpower, but provides a complimentary kick of flavor.

Review: Jarritos Light Tamarind

Jarritos Light Tamarind

Tamarind is a unique sweet/sour flavor. Unfortunately, when combined with artificial sweeteners, it becomes gag-inducing. You’ll want to pass on this flavor!

Review: Jarritos Light Mandarin

Jarritos Light Mandarin

Sugar free Jarritos beverages are here! However, you may want to look elsewhere for your diet orange desires.

Review: Jarritos Mexican Cola

Jarritos Mexican Cola

Jarritos Mexican Cola isn’t as good as Mexican Coke or Pepsi, but it’s an adequate real sugar option when you are looking for a cola fix!

Review: Jarritos Lime

Jarritos Lime

Sugar-sweetened Mexican soft drink with a lime flavor, complete with a unique zingy sourness and complimentary sweet taste. Thumbs up!