On The Shelf: TruMoo Limited Edition Green 1% Milk

TruMoo Limited Edition Green 1% Milk

Regardless of St. Patrick’s Day, milk should not be green.

Super Bowl Commercial: Milk Processor Education Program – “Morning Run”

MilkPEP - Morning Run

The “Got Milk” folks hire Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and his one-dimensional acting in their attempt to promote lactose consumption while the world falls apart.

Review: Simpli OatShake – Chocolate, Coffee, & Tropical Fruits

Simpli Oat Shake - Chocolate, Coffee, & Tropical Fruits

Non-dairy shakes and smoothies made from oats and natural ingredients. Drink the Finland awesomeness!

This Just In: Simpli OatShake

Simpli OatShake

Simpli OatShakes are made from oats and various fruits, all dairy-free, and loaded with fiber and protein.

Review: Crave Original Chocolate Milk & Strawberry Chocolate Milk

Crave Original Chocolate Milk

Crave Original Chocolate Milk & Crave Strawberry Chocolate Milk pack awesome flavor in a shelf-stable, aluminum bottle package, brought to you by a Western New York dairy. Definitely more of a beverage-based treat, this well-branded set of products will delight your taste buds. Recommended!