Review: Simpli OatShake – Chocolate, Coffee, & Tropical Fruits

Simpli Oat Shake - Chocolate, Coffee, & Tropical Fruits

Non-dairy shakes and smoothies made from oats and natural ingredients. Drink the Finland awesomeness!

Review: Oh Yeah! Chocolate Milkshake

Oh Yeah! Chocolate Milkshake

While I’m not a protein shake kinda guy — I usually walk right past them at the gym — I have to admit that Oh Yeah! Chocolate Milkshake was a delightful experience that surprised me. If you are looking for a tasty ready-to-drink nutritional option, I’d put this flavor into consideration.

Review: McDonald’s Shamrock Shake

McDonald's Shamrock Shake

The Shamrock Shake was brought to market by McDonald’s in the 1980s. It essentially is a limited-edition vanilla shake with some mint flavoring brought out around St. Patrick’s Day. Have you ever had one?