Winners announced in No Fear contest

We’re excited to announce the winner in our No Fear giveaway contest. The winner receives over $100 worth of great No Fear gear, including shirts, hoodies, music, and a case of new No Fear Bloodshot. Check to see if you’ve won!

$100 Gift Pack Giveaway from No Fear

No Fear Prizes

Thanks to the No Fear folks, has been provided with a gift pack valued at $100. It includes shirts, hoodies, music, surf wax (?!), and yes, a 12-pack of No Fear Bloodshot energy drink. Want to win? You’ll need to enter by Monday, March 30!

Review: No Fear Bloodshot

No Fear Bloodshot

With the use of sugar and real fruit juices — including orange, pear, and grape — No Fear Bloodshot is an incredibly-tasty energy drink targeted for morning consumption. The combination of smooth fruit flavors and bitter bite actually produces a refreshing experience that can start your day with a little extra pep!

Review: No Fear Motherload

No Fear Motherload

No Fear Motherload is a rather tasty, tropical-influenced drink that has a smooth taste that is bookended by a harsh bitterness. For some reason, the smooth/bitter combo works, producing an energy drink that’s bound to keep you bouncing off the walls with its 11.4 mg/oz. of caffeine!

Review: No Fear Sugar Free

No Fear Sugar Free

If you are watching your caloric consumption, No Fear Sugar Free is a strong contender, though it has a bitter aftertaste produced by the artificial sweeteners. Far more syrupy in flavor than No Fear Regular, the sour berry/grape taste tends to be a little different, which is nice. Still, if sugar free isn’t a concern, then go for the Regular version.

Review: No Fear Regular

No Fear Regular

No Fear Regular has a bitter, yet rewarding taste often associated with energy drinks. The berry/grape taste combined with an attractive sour flavor is surprisingly welcome, while the high amounts of supplements quench those desiring an energy soft drink with a little charge.