Review: Cocozia Coconut Water

Cocozia Coconut Water

A basic coconut water offering. Those who enjoy the hydration and taste of this type of beverage won’t be disappointed, however there’s nothing unique about this product.

Review: Aloic Organic Aloe Vera Drink

Aloic Organic Aloe Vera Drink

Despite the packaging that infers a green, pasty beverage, Aloic Organic Aloe Vera Drink is a clear, tasty beverage sweetened with organic cane sugar.

This Just In: Activate Enhanced Water

Activate Enhanced Water

Recently reformulated to be zero calorie and sweetened with stevia, Activate Enhanced Water features unique “twist caps” that release vitamins directly into the water so that they stay fresh.

Review: Jones GABA Lemon Honey Tea

Jones GABA Lemon Honey Tea

Tasting like an Honest Tea product, this functional beverage from Jones Soda packs a nice combo of black tea, honey, and lemon. Too bad it’s discontinued.

Review: Solixir – Awaken (Orange Mate), Restore (Pomegranate Ginger), & Relax (Blackberry Chamomile)

Solixir Sparkling Botanical Beverage

Seeking to discover a drink that’s just a bit different, packed with stuff found in your garden? You seek the sparkling water uniqueness that is Solixir.

Review: Nuun – Fruit Punch, Lemon Tea, Grape, Strawberry Lemonade, & Tropical


Nuun hits a growing niche of drinks targeted at hydration replenishment. I like their aim at doing one thing, “optimal hydration” through electrolyte replacement, and doing that thing well. It’s a viable alternative to other sports drinks, especially if you want to pass on the extra sugars, carbohydrates, and proteins in those sports drinks.

Review: Jones GABA Grapefruit Tea Juice

Jones GABA Grapefruit Tea Juice

With a light citrus, tea-infused flavor, Jones GABA Grapefruit Tea Juice provides pleasant refreshment for a non-carbonated drink. Throw in the GABA with its promise for improved “focus and clarity” and you’ve got a nice combination!

Review: Pro H20 Black Cherry, Pro H20 Kiwi Strawberry, and Pro Ade Orange

Pro Ade Orange

Pro H20 Black Cherry and Pro H20 Kiwi Strawberry are protein-enhanced waters sweetened with sucralose, while Pro Ade Orange is a protein-infused sports drink sweetened with sugar. Are these ideal beverages to help you recover from an intense workout? Find out as BevReview’s Health & Wellness Reviewer takes a closer look!

Review: Elations Raspberry White Grape & Elations Cranberry Apple

Elations Raspberry White Grape

Elations Raspberry White Grape and Elations Cranberry Apple are liquid versions of the nutritional supplements glucosamine, chondroitin, Vitamin C and calcium, designed to promote joint health. However, we were not a fan of either flavor or the pricepoint.

Review: OOBA Hibiscus

OOBA Hibiscus

Every now and then you get to taste a drink and really like the experience. I’m happy to say that OOBA Hibiscus falls into that category. We really loved the sparkling cranberry-like taste, creative packaging, and clear market positioning of this drink. If you get a chance to track it down, and are looking for something just a little different, OOBA should be on your list!