On the Shelf

On the Shelf features unique beverage products that have be spotted and shared by BevReview readers.

On the Shelf: Monster Energy Ultra Sunrise & Monster Energy Unleaded

Monster Energy Ultra Sunrise & Unleaded

Monster Energy looks to take on Mountain Dew Kickstart. And a caffeine free Monster? What’s that all about?

On the Shelf: Butterfly by Mariah Carey

Butterfly by Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey. Beverage named “Butterfly”. Available at Walgreen’s. Insert lame musical puns here.

On the Shelf: Sprite 6 Mix

Sprite 6 Mix

Limited edition Sprite with orange & cherry flavoring, part of a promotion with NBA player Lebron James.

On The Shelf: TruMoo Limited Edition Green 1% Milk

TruMoo Limited Edition Green 1% Milk

Regardless of St. Patrick’s Day, milk should not be green.

On the Shelf: 7-Eleven 7-Select Energy Shots

7-Eleven 7-Select Energy Shots

7-Eleven gets into the energy shot game with their own 7 Select-branded shots, now available.

On the Shelf: Mountain Dew 24 oz “Lost Camo” Cans

Mountain Dew 24 oz "Lost Camo" Can

Is there a big demand for camouflaged Mountain Dew?

On the Shelf: Sun Drop 16 oz Aluminum Bottles

Sun Drop 16 oz Aluminum Bottle

Here’s a 16 oz aluminum bottle of Sun Drop, spotted in Chicago, and chilling in the winter snow!

On the Shelf: Mexican 7Up and Mexican Squirt Glass Bottles

Mexican Squirt and 7Up Glass Bottles

Looking for 12 oz glass bottles of sugar-sweetened 7Up and Squirt? This 7-Eleven in Chicago has ‘em!

On the Shelf: Coca-Cola Winter Chill Activated 16 oz Cans

Coca-Cola Winter Chill Activated 16 oz Cans

Coke’s 16 oz “Chill Activated” cans are back, featuring thermochromic ink that allows for the snowflake graphics to change color based on temperature.

On the Shelf: Coca-Cola “Taste of Home” 24 Bottle Pack with Mexican Coke, Mexican Sprite, & Mexican Fanta

Coca-Cola "Taste of Home" 24 Bottle Pack

This Coca-Cola “Taste of Home” includes 12 bottles of Mexican Coke, 6 bottles of Mexican Sprite, and 6 bottles of Fanta Orange. Spotted in the Detroit area at Costco by BevReview reader Bob Manning.