Coming Soon: POM Wonderful 8 oz Bottle

POM Wonderful 8 oz Bottle

POM Wonderful is adding an 8 oz size to their lineup, joining the existing 16 oz, 24 oz, 48 oz, and 60 oz bottles.

Review: Jones Zilch – Pomegranate, Vanilla Bean, and Black Cherry Sodas

Jones Zilch Pomegranate Soda

We’re fans of the Jones Zilch rollout of sugar-free, caffeine-free, and calorie-free drinks, even though we weren’t completely sold on all 3 flavors. The branding does a nice job of making diet something “cool”, it still has that eccentric Jones feel, and there are some unique tastes that aren’t currently part of the regular Jones lineup. Still, there is room for improvement in some of the flavors, namely Vanilla Bean. Loved the idea of a non-mainstream flavor, but execution left something to be desired. Here’s looking ahead to the next Zilch experience!

Review: Hansen’s Natural Pomegranate Soda

Hansen's Natural Pomegranate Soda

Guest reviewer George Tsakiridis notes, “the Pomegranate flavor contains a slightly sweet finish that may take a bit of getting used to.” Sweetened with cane sugar, this light drink has a “flowery” taste and is not overly powerful, but still a nice niche experience.

Review: ViB Pomegranate Berry

ViB Chill-N

Looking for a “vacation in a bottle”? ViB Chill-N claims to deliver that via a lightly carbonated, pomegranate sparkling beverage. The taste is actually quite fruity and good, only hampered by the inclusion of artificial sweeteners mixed along with cane sugar. Overall, a solid taste, but I worry that the confusing marketing approach and below-par packaging design may hurt its chances.

Review: Jones Soda Buried Pomegranate Soda (2008)

Jones Soda Buried Pomegranate Soda

Featuring more of an herbal-infused taste instead of the expected cherry or pomegranate flavors, Jones Soda Buried Pomegranate Soda surprises the tastebuds… and that’s not a bad thing. This 8 oz. novelty beverage from Jones provides a nice limited-time treat as part of the 2008 Jones Soda Halloween collection.

Review: Hansen’s Natural Sparkling Sleek Pomegranate Green Tea (Regular & Sugar Free)

Hansen's Natural Sparkling Sleek Pomegranate Green Tea

The folks at Hansen’s have rolled out a new line of drinks which they describe as a “refreshing taste of fresh fruit and real cane sugar lightened with the perfect amount of bubbles.” As part of this Sparkling Sleek line, we tried Hansen’s Natural Sparkling Sleek Pomegranate Green Tea. The flavor contained a sense of light, bubblyness, accented by just a bit of cherryish flavor. Overall, it created a pleasant taste experience and something far different from the norm.

Review: Pomegranate 7Up

Pomegranate 7Up

Pomegranate 7Up is basically Cadbury Schweppes’ take on last holiday season’s Sierra Mist Cranberry Splash from PepsiCo. It’s a subtle, not very sweet, tasty addition to the 7Up lineup, whether partaken alone, with food, or as part of a mixed beverage. It’s pretty good!

Coming Soon: Pomegranate 7Up

Pomegranate 7Up

Cadbury Schweppes gets in on the limited edition holiday flavor action — following in the successful footsteps of Sierra Mist Cranberry Splash — and announces Pomegranate 7Up.

Review: Hansen’s Natural Green Tea Soda Pomegranate

Hansen's Natural Green Tea Soda Pomegranate

Much better in taste when compared to Hansen’s Natural Green Tea Soda Tangerine, Hansen’s Natural Green Tea Soda Pomegranate had a distinctly cherry flavor. Our beverage review noted that the pomegranate flavor was crisp, light, and tasty!