Review: Red Bull – The Summer Edition

Red Bull - The Summer Edition

Red Bull breaks with tradition and rolls out a limited time “tropical” flavor, featuring the tastes of papaya, pineapple, and mango. Surprisingly good!

Review: Red Bull Editions – Red, Silver, and Blue

Red Bull Editions – Red, Silver, and Blue

Cranberry, Lime, and Blueberry extensions to the Red Bull energy drink lineup. Offering the same functionality, these flavors expand the reach of the brand, especially to those who didn’t like the original flavor.

Coming Soon: Red Bull Editions – Red, Blue, and Silver

Red Bull Editions - Silver, Blue, and Red

In a first for Red Bull, they are launching 3 flavored versions of their iconic energy drink as part of an “Editions” lineup: Cranberry, Blueberry, and Lime.

Review: Red Bull Simply Cola

Red Bull Simply Cola

Red Bull Simply Cola is a uniquely-flavored cola that showcases a nice combination of natural flavors and clean taste. It’s nothing like the energy drink that shares its namesake. That said, one must ask “what’s the point of this drink?” when you consider the declining sales trends in the carbonated soft drink market, premium pricing for a single can, and comparatively low caffeine levels from a brand known for giving you a lift when you need it.

Coming Soon: Red Bull Simply Cola

Red Bull Simply Cola

Red Bull is getting into the soft drink market with a cola entry: Red Bull Simply Cola. Angled as a drink derived from 100% natural sources, it’s rumored to contain flavors from both the kola nut and coca leaf, most closely resembling the classic cola taste. This is similar to the strategies found with Pepsi Raw and Pepsi Retro.

Review: Red Bull

Red Bull

Red Bull is the granddaddy of energy drinks, having hit the U.S. market in 1997. It owns 42.6% share of the energy drink sector, yet for some reason doesn’t exactly taste very good. It’s bitter, somewhat berry-infused, and packs a ton of caffeine (9.64 mg/oz). But will it always be on top? What are your thoughts?