Review: Reading Draft Birch Beer

Reading Draft Birch Beer

If you like your root beer tasting like mint chewing gum, then the stuff in this bottle is perfect!

Review: Olde Philadelphia Birch Beer

Olde Philadelphia Birch Beer

A local Philly brand applied to a gourmet birch beer. Good depth of flavor; vanilla smooths out the typically harsh bite.

Review: Sioux City Birch Beer

Sioux City Birch Beer

Nice complex flavor profile with a great blend of sweet vs. bitter. A premium root beer experience that is very approachable for new birth beer drinkers.

Review: Sioux City Sarsaparilla

Sioux City Sarsaparilla

Despite the name, tastes like a typical root beer. This flavor should satisfy both root beer and general beverage enthusiasts alike. Just don’t expect a substantially unique flavor experience.

On the Shelf: Wild Cherry Pepsi, Orange Crush, & Mug Root Beer 32 Can “Combo Pack”

Wild Cherry Pepsi/Orange Crush/Mug Root Beer 32 can "Combo Pack"

Pepsi goes for flavor with this 32 can “Combo Pack” featuring Wild Cherry Pepsi, Orange Crush, and Mug Root Beer. Spotted in the Detroit area at Walmart and Sams Club by BevReview reader Bob Manning.

Review: Blumers Root Beer

Blumers Root Beer

If you are looking for a VERY creamy, VERY sweet finish to your root beer, then Blumers Root Beer is right up your alley. If you prefer a sharper aftertaste with less vanilla influence, keep looking.

Can Holiday: National Pig Day – March 1


To honor National Pig Day, we oink on over to explore a 1976 Piggly Wiggly Draft Style Root Beer can.

Review: Henry Weinhard’s Root Beer

Henry Weinhard's Root Beer

Don’t be fooled by the higher-priced “gourmet” moniker. Take away the contrived history that is such a strong part of the branding and you end up with an average root beer.

Review: Capone Family Secret Root Beer

Capone Family Secret Root Beer

An average root beer with a familiar Chicago gangster name. Creamy and smooth, while sweetened with sugar.

Review: Triple XXX Root Beer

Triple XXX Root Beer

Average-tasting root beer with a great historical background. Sweetened with cane sugar, but not memorable.