Design Review: MiO Fit

MiO Fit

Design Review of MiO Fit: The molecular aberrations to the Mio “M” brandmark appeal to the sports science aesthetic and efficacy we’ve all come to expect from category leaders Gatorade and Powerade.

Review: MiO Fit – Arctic Grape & Berry Blast

MiO Fit - Arctic Grape & Berry Blast

MiO Fit brings lots of sodium to the marketplace, with Arctic Grape & Berry Blast featuring both electrolytes and vitamins. Grape is good; Berry Blast is so-so.

This Just In: MiO Fit – Arctic Grape & Berry Blast

MiO Fit - Arctic Grape & Berry Blast

MiO water enhancer extends their lineup with two new “sports drink” flavors, which include electrolytes and vitamins: Arctic Grape & Berry Blast

Review: Gatorade Cool Blue Cherry

Gatorade Cool Blue Cherry

A limited edition flavor that offered great promise, but results in a weakened overall taste that doesn’t honor any of the unique qualities promised on the label.

Review: Golazo All Natural Sports Hydration – Jamaica, Mango-Limon, Limonada, & Mandarina

Golazo All Natural Sports Hydration

Golazo blends coconut water with natural ingredients to create unique sports drink flavors that actually taste rather good. Low in sodium too!

This Just In: Golazo All Natural Sports Hydration

Golazo All Natural Sports Hydration

Golazo All Natural Sports Hydration contains coconut water and comes in 4 flavors: Mandarin, Hibiscus Punch, Lemon-Lime, and Mango Lime.

Review: Gatorade Sandia Citrus (Watermelon Citrus)


Gatorade Sandia Citrus (Watermelon Citrus) tastes a lot like watered down watermelon, and nothing like citrus. Despite the unique Hispanic marketing hook, it’s disappointing.

Review: Gatorade Limon-Pepino (Lime-Cucumber)

Gatorade Limon-Pepino (Lime-Cucumber)

Mostly cucumber flavor, but finishes with a nice light lime taste. It’s refreshing & tasty and would be great on a hot day at the beach with some chips y salsa y tacos y burritos!

Attack on the Chicago Cubs Gatorade Fountain Machine!

Chicago Cubs / Gatorade machine / Carlos Zambrano

A Gatorade fountain machine located in the Chicago Cubs dugout was attacked by a player during a May 2009 baseball game. Learn about what provoked the assault, what flavors were involved, and the repercussions on the sports drink world!

Super Bowl Commercials & Beverages: 2009

Super Bowl XLIII

Another Super Bowl has come and gone, and with it, a whole new batch of high-profile commercials. Given that we’re a beverage reviewing site, I’d like to take a look at the non-alcoholic drink ads that graced our TVs during the matchup between the Cardinals and Steelers. We’ve done detailed analysis on each of these ads individually, but here’s a quick overview…